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Do you need radon testing for your Whitehouse home or building? Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced by decayed uranium. Uranium can be found everywhere – in soil, rocks and water. When radon escapes from soil into the air, it is diluted to such low concentrations that it doesn’t pose a health threat. However, if the soil under your building contains uranium, any radon gas that is released can seep into the building through gaps around pipes and cables, or cracks in foundation walls and floors. When radon is confined in a small space such as a house or commercial building, it can build up to potentially dangerous levels.

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas, which makes it extremely difficult to detect. It is nearly impossible to identify radon without a monitoring device. We recommend getting a radon inspection if you plan on purchasing a building, or if your building has not been inspected recently or ever. Sands Construction provides radon testing to determine whether your building has dangerous levels of radon, and we also provide radon mitigation to reduce radon concentrations. Some mitigation techniques prevent radon from entering your building, while others reduce the levels of radon once it has entered. We can provide you with options and help you decide what will work best for your building. 

For more information about radon exposure, testing and mitigation, please feel free to email or call us!

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