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Are your allergies acting up? Is your house difficult to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Breathe easy – Sands Construction provides insulation and ventilation systems in Whitehorse to keep you comfortable, whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial building. We know the value of being able to hang out comfortably in your home when temperatures are extreme, so we provide a range of insulation options. We also work to ensure your air is clear with HRVs. HRVs are controlled ventilation systems that reduce high humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. Additionally, we specialize in radon testing and mitigation to ensure your home is safe and your lungs are healthy. For more information about our services, please send us an email! We can provide you with a free estimate.

Our insulation services include:

  • Blown-in fiberglass 

  • Sound proofing

  • Blown in cellulose 

  • Dense pack insulation 

  • Insulation removal vacuuming

Our other services include:

  • Installations for new builds, renovations and retrofits

  • HRV installations: design, install, and balance 

  • Building depressurization tests (blower door tests)

  • Radon testing and mitigation

Need a Pro?

Please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment or to get a quote on our services.

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